Welcome to our website for updating you on our progress regarding the Sampson and Ludgate House site.

A Native Land consortium bought the buildings from the Caryle Group in 2016. Native Land purchased the site with an existing consent which was agreed by Southwark Council in 2014.

Native Land prides itself on its focus on quality and innovative design. We commission world-renowned architects and designers to create places which contribute positively to those that live, work and enjoy them.

We are committed to delivering a new and exciting part of Bankside which will deliver many benefits to both existing and new workers, residents and visitors.

As our plans develop we will ensure this website is updated regularly and we distribute a regular newsletter to local residents, businesses and local groups. However, if you wish to ask us a question, please do fill in the contact form on the Get in Touch tab.

Our Proposals

  • Reconnecting the space between the Tate Modern and Blackfriars Road
  • New offices designed to attract established large employers as well as small to medium businesses and start ups
  • An exciting new cultural area for Bankside with complementary shops and leisure space
  • New public realm and improved permeability across the site
  • 489 well designed homes on site as well as minimum of a £65m contribution to Southwark Council for affordable homes
New public realm on the sampson site

New public realm on the
Sampson site.