Planning Update

We want to make sure the development delivers the best and most flexible office space that responds to local employment needs.

We have now submitted a ‘Minor Material Amendment’ (Section 73) to the consent which will enhance and improve the larger office building along Blackfriars Road (building LH-C on site plan), making it attractive to larger established businesses.

At the same time we are proposing to significantly reduce the size of the office building on Southwark Street/Hopton Street (building SH-D on site plan) which is being re-designed to attract the growing co-working and small to medium size business sector.

The overall amount of floorspace remains the same. However, by revising the design of two of the office buildings, we are creating two distinct but complimentary buildings offering very different spaces for businesses to occupy.

Left: The Blackfriars Road proposal
Middle: Explanation of planned changes
Right: The Southwark Street proposal